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Geocaching Adventure

Find Some of the Oldest Caches in the World.


Lake Lanier is home to hundreds of geocaches, and some of them are even under water. Some of the oldest caches in the world can be found on one of the islands on Lake Lanier.

Captain John is the preferred captain on the geocache website for challenges in northern Georgia. Book a geocaching adventure with us to fine all the unique caches you need to build your collection.

What is in a Geocache?

There are a variety of items that might be found in a geocache. Part of what makes geocaching so fun is that you never know what you will find. You might expect to find items like trading cards, keychains, costume jewelry, small toys, etc.

What Should I Bring?
When you find a geocache you should always leave an item when you take an item, so plan to bring some swag to leave behind. Below are a few other items that would be good to bring.

    • Comfy Shoes
    • A Good GPS
    • Pencils – just in case you need one to fill out the geocache log book
    • Snacks and Water
    • Sunscreen
    • Bug Spray
  • Generally, you won’t get wet as we will drop you off on the islands as close as possible to the cache.

What Should I Expect?

When geocaching you will use a GPS to help you get close to the cache, but keep a sharp eye. Geocaches are sometimes challenging to find. They may be hidden in or around structures, logs, rocks, etc. That is what makes it challenging and fun, which is the most imporant thing to expect… to have fun!

Geocaching on Lake Lanier

What is Geocaching?

Think of geocaching as a treasure hunting game. Geocachers will hide a small container with a log book and small prizes in it. The coordinates of the geocache are recorded and registered on listing sites like Using the geocaching app others can hunt for and locate the cache. Once it has been found the discoverer records their finding and trades an item of an item in the cache. There are millions of geocaches hidden worldwide.

What does a geocache look like?

Every geocache could be different. Most are small, waterproof containers that are easily hidden outdoors. Common containers are ammo boxes, clear plastic containers, fake rocks, or even mint tins.

Where can I find more information?

There is lots of information available at Below is a fact sheet that you can access as well.

Geocaching Skeleton Lake Lanier

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